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Has the Cabinet seen Boris Johnson’s legal advice on prorogation?

11 September 2019

2:24 PM

11 September 2019

2:24 PM

Has any member of Cabinet seen the full legal advice given to the Prime Minister, which persuaded Johnson proroguing or suspending parliament is lawful?

Julian Smith asked for it, on the day Cabinet was bounced into agreeing prorogation.

Amber Rudd asked for it subsequently.

I am not aware that either got it. Instead they received a ‘trust me’ from Boris Johnson.

This could be a problem for him and ministers because the ministerial code, amended after Chilcott Enquiry into the legality of going to war in Iraq, says all ministers have right to see full legal advice – not just summaries – on all contentious issues.

Will Cabinet now get the advice after today’s Court of Session judgement?

For their own self-preservation perhaps they should see it, and have that deferred (ahem) robust Cabinet debate on whether closing Parliament is appropriate.

Robert Peston is ITV’s Political Editor. This article originally appeared on his ITV News blog.

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