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Watch: Jeremy Corbyn dodges Brexit question eight times

20 September 2019

4:21 PM

20 September 2019

4:21 PM

Is Jeremy Corbyn pro Remain or pro Leave? Three years have passed since the EU referendum, but the Labour leader still won’t answer that question. In an interview with ITV’s Joe Pike, Corbyn was asked eight times whether he now backed leave or remain. And eight times he refused to say:

Joe Pike: “So are you pro Remain or pro Leave”

Jeremy Corbyn “I’m pro the British people to have their decision, I’m pro the British …”

JP: “You are sitting on the fence Mr Corbyn aren’t you?”

JC: “No I’m not sitting on the fence, you keep interrupting me my friend. What I want to say is this. People voted Leave or Remain. Nobody voted to lose their job, nobody voted for deregulation”

JP: “And you voted for Remain?”

JC: “I voted for Remain.”

JP: “But your position now is possibly Remain, possibly Leave?”

JC: “My position is to bring people together. My position is to let people have that final say in it between what I would believe to be a credible option of leaving with a trade relationship or Remain.”

JP: “But this is the defining issue of our age, everyone has an opinion on on Brexit, apart from you. That’s not leadership, is it Mr Corbyn?

Still Mr S is glad to hear Corbyn is ‘pro the British people’…

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