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Watch: James Cleverly’s spat with fellow motorist

21 August 2019

11:36 AM

21 August 2019

11:36 AM

Conservative party chairman James Cleverly was at the receiving end of another motorist’s ire after a collision on the M11 on Friday evening.

Twitter user Asim Khan alleged that the Tory MP clipped the side of his car with his Land Rover 4×4 while he was on his phone.

Khan claims that Cleverly accepted liability for the accident, only to retract it later, adding that the Cabinet minister is a ‘Liar of a person’ and ‘is not to be trusted’:

A spokesperson for Cleverly said: ‘James was involved in a minor accident with another car on Friday. The matter is now being dealt with by his insurance company.’

Sources close to Cleverly denied that he was speeding, using his phone or that he initially accepted liability.

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