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Jo Swinson riles up Corbynistas again

20 August 2019

12:53 PM

20 August 2019

12:53 PM

Corbynistas are out to get Jo Swinson again after the Lib Dem leader accused Jeremy Corbyn of being a Brexiteer. ‘Jeremy Corbyn didn’t fight to remain in 2016, and he won’t fight for remain now’, said Swinson.

It wasn’t long before the usual suspects leapt to the Labour leader’s defence. Step forward, Owen Jones: ‘This is a direct lie. It’s a matter of public record that Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for Remain,’ according to the Guardian columnist.

But Mr S isn’t so sure. In the weeks before the 2016 referendum, Corbyn was asked ‘how passionate are you about staying in the EU?’.

Corbyn’s response?

‘Oh I’d put myself in the upper half of the ten, so we’re looking at seven, seven-and-a-half. Maybe seven…’

Hardly a ringing endorsement. Mr S thinks Swinson might have a point when she accuses Corbyn of failing to ‘fight’ for Remain…

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