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Brexit poetry competition: Winner announced

23 August 2019

11:29 AM

23 August 2019

11:29 AM

The time has come to announce the winner of our much-lauded Brexit poetry competition. Earlier this week, we called on our good readers to provide us with a poem to commemorate the UK’s exit from the European Union on 31 October. Our announcement came in response to the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage saying that he had ‘no plans’ to pen a piece for Brexit day.

The winning poem was short and sweet. Step forward, MrToad76:

Brexit, Brexit

Just get on with it.

The judges were impressed by MrToad76’s delicate balance between brevity and passion. An honourable mention goes to IanB, who reworked the classic anthem ‘Common People’ by Pulp:

We had a vote to get away from Brussels,
Although we knew there would be major tussles,
We said ‘leave’,
To the despair of Dominic Grieve.
They said they’d follow up on our decision,
But since have treated it with some derision,
And their fear,
Is becoming very clear, now MPs won’t,

Respect the vote of the common people,
They won’t do what the common people said to do,
Think they know better that the common people,
Say that the common people were lied to.
And so they twist and turn and corkscrew,
To try to keep us in the EU.


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