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Watch: what do Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt admire about each other?

9 July 2019

9:35 PM

9 July 2019

9:35 PM

Tonight’s ITV debate was a much livelier contest than many expected, as both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt engaged in blue-on-blue warfare as they battled to become the next PM.

Even in one of the lighter moments of the evening the candidates struggled to be cordial on stage, with both opting to go on the attack when asked by an audience member what they admired about their opponent.

Boris, after struggling for several moments to think up any answer, eventually settled on: ‘I greatly admire his ability to change his mind, and campaign for Brexit now’ – helpfully drawing attention to the fact that Hunt campaigned for Remain in 2016.

While Jeremy Hunt, replied that:

I really admire Boris’s ability to answer the question. He has this great ability: you ask him a question, he puts a smile on your face, and you forget what the question was. It’s a brilliant quality for a politician, maybe not a prime minister though. 

Watch here:

Clearly all’s fair in love, war and political debates…

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