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Watch: Matt Hancock dodges Kim Darroch question 17 times

10 July 2019

8:21 AM

10 July 2019

8:21 AM

Should Sir Kim Darroch resign as British ambassador in the wake of the row with Donald Trump? It is a simple enough question but clearly not for Matt Hancock, who failed to answer it on 17 occasions during an awkward interview with Piers Morgan. Here is how their testy exchange on Good Morning Britain unfolded:

Piers Morgan: Should he stay or should he go? Simple question: Jeremy Hunt could answer it.

Matt Hancock: Maybe you should listen to my answer…The relationship is much bigger than any one person…

PM: So he should go then?

MH: I also think it is incredibly important…

PM: What is incredibly important is that you answer the question

Oh dear…

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