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The Corbynistas’ lucky escapes

11 July 2019

11:29 AM

11 July 2019

11:29 AM

You would never normally describe the various activists and journalists closely allied to Jeremy Corbyn as publicity shy. In fact, whenever the embattled Labour leader is in trouble, or being grilled about his Brexit position, it’s usually only minutes before you see a Corbynite in a TV studio, ready to defend him on air.

But after a Panorama documentary was broadcast last night, which uncovered evidence of anti-Semitism within Labour, it seems that Corbyn’s supporters have become struck by a series of unfortunate events, preventing them from coming on air.

This morning the Guardian columnist Owen Jones was due to speak on the Today programme about the documentary and Labour anti-Semitism, but failed to turn up. Jones later said that he’d woken ‘up in an anxiety dream having discovered my phone’s alarm no longer works.’ Oops.

Likewise, the BBC’s Rob Burley, revealed at 10am this morning that the Corbyn ally, Aaron Bastani, will no longer be able to appear on Politics Live (which airs at 11.45am), because he ‘missed his train’. How unfortunate.

Could it be a coincidence? Let’s hope so. It seems like Corbynistas are dropping like flies..

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