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Full list: Boris Johnson’s ministerial and official appointments

23 July 2019

5:14 PM

23 July 2019

5:14 PM

On Wednesday afternoon Boris Johnson will meet with the Queen in Buckingham Palace, will be invited to form a government, and then will stroll through the black door of Number 10 as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

There, he will officially begin the process of appointing his Cabinet, the ministers who will serve in his government, and the advisers who will be crucial in ensuring his term as prime minister is a success.

As the official announcements are made public, Coffee House will be keeping track of Prime Minister Johnson’s new administration. Below are all the Cabinet members, ministers, officials and advisers who have agreed to serve so far:

Cabinet members 

Mark Spencer
Chief Whip

Officials and advisers – reported but unconfirmed

Sir Edward Lister
Downing Street chief of staff

Ben Gascoigne
Deputy Downing Street chief of staff

Liam Booth-Smith
Deputy Downing Street chief of staff

James Wild
Deputy Downing Street chief of staff

Lee Cain
Director of communications

Munira Mirza
Head of the No. 10 policy unit

Will Walden
Temporary advisor

Robert Oxley
Press secretary (expected to be appointed)

James Starkie
Political role

Nikki da Costa
Political role

Andrew Griffith
Chief Business Adviser

David Frost
Adviser on Europe

Dominic Cummings
Senior Advisor

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