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Dominic Grieve: Boris Johnson is a ‘charlatan’

24 July 2019

7:34 PM

24 July 2019

7:34 PM

Boris Johnson has only been in Downing Street for a few hours but already Dominic Grieve is trying to stir up trouble. Asked to sum up the new Prime Minister, Grieve responded:

‘He’s a charlatan. I mean that is the clear evidence of his career and the way he has operated politically. And that is one of the things that has offered me so much disquiet ‘

Grieve also mocked Boris’s first speech as Prime Minister, saying that now Boris is leader he can take Britain to the ‘sunny uplands’. Grieve said:

‘Well, I don’t share his optimism about his opinion of himself’

Mr S. is sure that Grieve’s verdict on Boris will go down well with the two thirds of Tory voters who backed him…

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