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Blackpool Labour candidate’s awkward past

30 July 2019

11:56 AM

30 July 2019

11:56 AM

Jeremy Corbyn was in Blackpool today, where he joined a protest against the fracking firm Cuadrilla and launched his ‘Green Industrial Revolution in the North West’.

On his trip to the seaside, Corbyn was joined by local Labour politician Chris Webb, who is currently vying to become the MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys. Webb certainly seemed to be buttering up Corbyn ahead of the visit, and said he was ‘delighted’ that the Labour leader would be joining him at the fracking site.

But has Webb always been such an enthusiastic Corbynista on the left of the party? It’s certainly not clear. Mr S has spotted that in an old political leaflet published by Webb, the prospective MP made the decision to feature two glowing endorsements from Labour politicians he admired: Tom Watson and Andy Burnham. In his quote, Watson praised Webb’s campaigning skills and said:

‘With his roots in the party and wide campaigning experience, I have no doubt he will make a powerful advocate for his community on the national stage.’

He may have become a ‘powerful advocate’, but Mr S wonders if Webb now regrets the company he kept at the time. Andy Burnham notably fled Westminster to escape the clutches of Jeremy Corbyn in 2016, while Tom Watson is currently considered to be the devil incarnate by most Corbynistas.

Lets hope Webb’s centre-left flirtation didn’t come up when Jeremy was in town…

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