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Watch: voter says Rory Stewart is ‘completely out of touch’

18 June 2019

8:51 PM

18 June 2019

8:51 PM

After the second round of voting in the Tory leadership race earlier today, which saw Dominic Raab booted out of the contest, it seemed as if renegade challenger and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart had all the momentum heading into the televised BBC leadership debate tonight.

But, while Stewart may be winning over his colleagues in the Commons, it appears that he might need to do more to win back Tory voters who have defected to the Brexit party.

As part of a series of questions asked by ordinary members of the public, James from Oxford explained that he’d reluctantly left the Conservative party recently to vote for the Brexit party, and asked all the candidates in the studio what they would do to lower the tax burden for people like him.

The candidates all gave it their best shot, but when host Emily Maitlis came back to Oxford’s James, to ask if any of them would win him back to the Tories, he replied:

‘I think the only one who talked sense there was Jeremy Hunt, so thank you Jeremy you actually talked sense there.

And Rory, you are completely out of touch, you just did not answer my question. It’s nothing to do with Brexit, it’s about tax cuts.’

Ouch. Watch here:

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