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Donald Trump: Why I snubbed Jeremy Corbyn

4 June 2019

2:38 PM

4 June 2019

2:38 PM

Jeremy Corbyn has made much of snubbing Donald Trump by refusing to attend a state dinner in his honour, but was it really Trump who got the cold shoulder? At a press conference this afternoon, Trump has just claimed that Corbyn wanted to meet Trump, but that it was he who turned down the Labour leader. Here is what Trump said:

‘I don’t know Jeremy Corbyn, never met him, never spoke to him. He wanted to meet today or tomorrow and I decided I would not do that. I think that he is, from where I come from, something of a negative force…so I’ve decided not to meet’.

Mr S. thinks that this will not go down well with Corbynistas…


Labour has confirmed that Corbyn did seek a meeting. A spokesman for the party said:

‘Jeremy is ready to engage with the President on a range of issues, including the climate emergency, threats to peace and the refugee crisis.’

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