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Watch: Labour MP pretends to have read the new Withdrawal Agreement Bill

22 May 2019

12:45 PM

22 May 2019

12:45 PM

Laura Pidcock has been a rising star in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party ever since she became an MP in 2017. But the shadow minister for labour was somewhat caught out today when she appeared on Politics Live.

Presenter Jo Coburn challenged Pidcock’s dismissal of Theresa May’s new Withdrawal Agreement Bill, when most of the concessions it made were to the Labour party, and made the point that Pidcock hadn’t even read it yet, saying:

‘So you haven’t even read it, you haven’t read it though have you?’

Clearly worried her lack of preparation had been rumbled, Pidcock protested that:

‘Yes I have.’

Only for Coburn to point out that the bill hadn’t even been published yet. At which point Pidcock backtracked. Oops.

Watch here:

As ever, it’s the kind of quality we’ve come to expect from Jeremy Corbyn’s allies.

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