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Theresa May’s latest Brexit pitch goes down badly with Tory MPs

21 May 2019

4:50 PM

21 May 2019

4:50 PM

Theresa May has made her latest Brexit deal pitch – and it isn’t going down well with Tory MPs. The Prime Minister used a speech this afternoon to say Parliament will get a vote on whether to hold a second referendum if it backs the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill. But Simon Clarke – a Tory MP who supported the PM’s deal the last time around – has changed his mind and vowed to vote the deal down. Here is what he said:

And Simon Clarke wasn’t the only Tory MP to vent his fury at the PM in the aftermath of her speech. Owen Paterson said the offer is a ‘direct insult to 17.4m people’:

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns had this to say:

Dominic Raab said he would vote it down:

Zac Goldsmith said that despite voting for the PM’s ‘rotten deal last time’ he wouldn’t do so again:

Ben Bradley also criticised the PM’s latest Brexit plea:

Maria Caulfield said she wouldn’t back the PM’s ‘dreadful’ deal:

Andrew Lewer echoed Simon Clarke in vowing to vote the deal down:


And Steve Baker, vice-chair of the ERG, said he would once again vote the deal down:

It’s safe to say that May’s last-ditch bid to get her Brexit deal through Parliament isn’t going well…

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