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Peter Bone: Tory members want May to resign before the EU elections

15 May 2019

1:08 PM

15 May 2019

1:08 PM

Oh dear. With Theresa May’s government seemingly on its last legs, it appears that party discipline has all but disappeared on the Conservative benches.

The signs of discontent were clear at PMQs today when Tory MP and Brexiteer Peter Bone was given the chance to ask a question, but instead used the opportunity to pass on the views of his local Conservative members to the Prime Minister. Noting how they had been committed to the party for over twenty years and had been knocking on doors for the party ‘week in, week out’, Bone said that they now wanted a no-deal Brexit, and:

‘More importantly, they’ve lost confidence in the Prime Minister, and wish her to resign before the European elections. Prime Minister what message do you have to say to these dedicated and loyal Conservatives?’

Watch here:

Judging by her pained reaction, Mr Steerpike isn’t sure Theresa May really appreciated the feedback from local members…

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