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In pictures: May Day protests in Paris turn violent

1 May 2019

3:12 PM

1 May 2019

3:12 PM

Hundreds of people have been arrested after violent May Day clashes in the centre of Paris. Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the French capital to mark the event. Stone-throwing protestors clashed with police, as officers – more than 7,000 of whom were deployed – responded with tear gas. Gilets jaunes, who have held anti-government protests weekly since November, teamed up with May Day marchers. Here are the latest pictures from Paris:

Demonstrators clash with police in Paris

French police detain a protester

Masked protestors dressed in black stand in tear gas smoke

A masked protester dressed in black throws a stone to the windscreen of a vehicle

A bloodied protester is assisted by a street medic

Riot police officers and protesters clash in the district of Montparnasse

People stand in front of La Rotonde restaurant which is protected with wooden planks

Scores of police armoured vehicles line the side of the street

A French riot police officer removes a scooter during clashes

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