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Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry’s free marketing advice

22 May 2019

3:39 PM

22 May 2019

3:39 PM

Top politicians are constantly in demand on the lecture circuit, as large businesses and other stakeholders seek their advice on the chaos engulfing Westminster and how upcoming legislation will affect their economic interests.

So it’s not surprising that Change UK’s Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna were the star speakers at a Marketing Group of Great Britain event in Milford earlier this month.

Only, it appears that the founders of the fledging Change UK weren’t the ones dispensing wisdom at the event. According to a write-up by the Marketing Group, the pair seemed to receive more sympathy and advice than probing questions when they had concluded their speeches. In a blog written the day after, the Marketing Group said that:

‘Questions poured in from the floor, as sympathetic members and guests sought to understand how they could help the two-week old party.’

With a logo that looks like a barcode, a botched branding operation, and a battle bus that resembles a Microsoft Word document, the party (which is four months old) certainly needs help from marketeers. Though Mr S can only wonder if the hosts felt short-changed afterwards. According to the latest Register of Interests, Chuka Umunna received a case of wine worth £486 for speaking at the event. Perhaps he should return it in exchange for the help…


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