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3 April 2019

12:00 PM

3 April 2019

12:00 PM

Seven years ago, The Spectator began podcasting. Why? For fun, really. Our writers were always being invited to comment on national broadcast shows, and so we thought, why not create our own? Podcasts gave us a chance to give our own writers their platform – if you don’t know what podcasts are, think radio programmes on demand, just like Netflix.

It’s been a big success. We started with ‘The Spectator Podcast’, which now has over 30,000 listens each week. We launched Coffee House Shots, our political podcast, in 2016 – and then made it daily when Theresa May announced the snap election a year later. People seemed to like it so we just kept going. Last year, Shots was listened to over five million times.

We now have podcasts on topics ranging from politics to culture, literature to religion. Our podcast range is expanding rapidly, and they all need a home. Which is why we created ‘Spectator Radio’ towards the end of last year – an all-new collective channel for The Spectator’s podcasts. Subscribe for free, and you’ll get a new podcast, every day.

If you’re a magazine reader, what better way to get more from your favourite Spectator writers than their podcast programmes? Lara Prendergast, our Assistant Editor, regularly presents ‘The Spectator Podcast’, as well as the new ‘Table Talk‘ podcast, together with Olivia Potts, Spectator Life‘s Vintage Chef. Or perhaps you’re a fan of Freddy Gray’s columns on American politics – in which case, listen to his ‘Americano’ podcast. Sam Leith, our literary editor, has a books podcast; Damian Thompson presents ‘Holy Smoke’; while Katy Balls, by the grace of her surname, hosts ‘Women With Balls‘, where recent guests include Andrea Leadsom and Jess Phillips.

What’s more, with everything in one place, it’s a great way to try out our new podcasts that you might not have heard before. If you enjoy ‘The Spectator Podcast’, then chances are you might like Americano or Holy Smoke. If you enjoy ‘Coffee House Shots’, then you’ll definitely like ‘Women With Balls’.

Of course, if you’re a die-hard fan of any one of our podcasts, you can still subscribe to them individually. Nothing’s changed there (so if you’d only like ‘The Spectator Podcast’, click here to find its new home). But we do hope you’ll join us on this new adventure in our podcasting. In the meantime, do rate and review us to let us know your thoughts. And don’t forget, podcast listeners get a free £20 John Lewis voucher when they subscribe at So welcome to Spectator Radio.

Why not join the Speccie team for a live recording of Coffee House Shots this Sunday 7 April, at the Podcast Live festival? You can hear from James Forsyth, Fraser Nelson, and Nikki da Costa, former No 10 legal aide, on the latest from Westminster and ask your burning questions. Tickets are on sale at and you can get 10 per cent off with discount code: ‘SPEC10’.

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