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MPs reject soft Brexit options in Commons vote

1 April 2019

10:09 PM

1 April 2019

10:09 PM

MPs have once again failed to reach an agreement on their preferred Brexit option. The Commons rejected a customs union with the EU, Common Market 2.0, a confirmatory public vote and a bid to revoke Article 50 in the event of no deal being reached.

Four amendment were considered – and voted down – by MPs tonight. Motion C, put forward by Ken Clarke, urged the government to pursue a customs union with the EU. It was narrowly rejected by 276 to 272.

Motion D, Nick Boles’ ‘Common Market 2.0’, proposed that Britain opt for membership of the European Free Trade Association and EEC. It was rejected by 282 to 261.

Motion E called for any Brexit deal agreed by Parliament to be put to the public. It was voted down by 292 by 280.

And Motion G calling for an extension to the Brexit process or a choice for MPs between revoking Article 50 or a no-deal Brexit. It was voted down by 292 by 191.

The full results:

Brexit option Ayes Noes
(c) Withdrawal Agreement with a customs union 273 276
(d) Common Market 2.0 261 282
(e) Confirmatory second referendum 280 292
(g) Opportunity to block no deal 191 292

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