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Coffee House Steerpike

Behind the scenes at the Extinction Rebellion protest

15 April 2019

3:40 PM

15 April 2019

3:40 PM

People are protesting on the streets of London again. But this time it’s got nothing to do with Brexit. Instead, activists belonging to campaign group Extinction Rebellion have attempted to bring London to a standstill today by blocking roads as part of what the group says is the ‘last best shot at survival’.

Some of those Mr Steerpike bumped into in Parliament Square are certainly setting the bar high for what they want to achieve. As well as saving the planet, green protesters hope to replace ‘the complete and utter joke of democracy’ with citizens’ assemblies in the next six years. By 2025, some of those taking to the streets also want to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Mr S wishes them luck in their objectives but he was hardly inspired by the first speaker he witnessed who took to the stage this morning. After being given the microphone, the protester told those gathered ‘I just came here to be nosey’ before following up with ‘I also came here because of David Attenborough’.

Fortunately, some of the placards on display were slightly wittier. One sign asked ‘can you do your job plz Theresa?’. Mr S is sure there are plenty of Brexiteers who might say the same…

A protester in Parliament Square

‘Don’t be a fossil fool’

A protester holds a placard with the message: ‘The earth is hotter than us!’

Activists in central London donned alien costumes for today’s protest

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