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Watch: Will Self and Mark Francois bust-up on Politics Live

8 March 2019

1:36 PM

8 March 2019

1:36 PM

It’s something of an understatement to say that Brexit has incited passions in the past two years, even on live TV. But today Mr S thinks we came the closest we’ve seen yet to a full on fight breaking out in the studio, between the author Will Self and the Brexiteer MP Mark Francois on Politics Live.

The argument began when Self made the rather inflammatory suggestion that:

‘Your problem really Mark is not that you have to be a racist or an anti-Semite to vote for Brexit, it’s just that every racist and anti-Semite in the country did.’

In response, Francois called for Self to ‘apologise on national television’ for his remarks, which he said insulted the millions of people who voted to leave in 2016.

The stand-off continued for another minute, as presenter Jo Coburn tried to steer the conversation away while the two men continued to argue, at one point locking each other in a deathly staring match.

Watch the full clash here:


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