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Watch: Jo Coburn gives Paul Mason the death stare

11 March 2019

2:26 PM

11 March 2019

2:26 PM

On Friday we saw Will Self and Mark Francois have a huge stare-off on Politics Live. Monday has arrived, and this time it was the turn of businesswoman Michelle Dewberry, left-wing commentator Paul Mason, and presenter Jo Coburn to clash.

The argument began after a short break in the programme, when Coburn suggested that there had been a heated discussion between Mason and Dewberry off-camera in the pause. Dewberry responded: ‘that’s a very diplomatic way of putting it,’ and then launched into a scathing attack on Paul Mason, saying:

‘You have been deeply rude to me in the break, you find that funny… when I just called you out on that you just sat and laughed.’

Coburn gave Mason the opportunity to defend himself, to which he responded that he ‘wasn’t interested in re-running the conversation’ with Dewberry. Which led to him being greeted by a death stare from Coburn.

Watch here:

Mr S thinks there must be something in the red cups…

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