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Watch: fireworks in the Chamber between Bercow and Leadsom

21 March 2019

12:25 PM

21 March 2019

12:25 PM

Oh dear, it seems as if the pressure placed on John Bercow after he blocked a third meaningful vote on May’s Brexit deal, may have gotten to the Speaker’s head as of late.

In the Chamber today, Bercow appeared visibly angry when he apparently spied an MP behaving in a partisan way, and launched into this tirade against them:

‘Let’s grow up. Do grow up. For goodness sake, this is not a matter of party political hackery. Let’s have some seriousness of purpose and mutual respect… For goodness sake, let’s raise the level.’

This in turn prompted Bercow’s arch-rival, the leader of the house Andrea Leadsom, to respond that she thought:

‘Mr Speaker may I just say that your response does not raise the level. But I’ll leave it there.’

Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with Bercow either, who then defended himself in the grandest terms, telling her to ‘resume’ her seat, and said:

‘My response sets out the constitutional position that has applied to members of the House of Commons over generations. And I cannot for the life of me see or believe there is anything remotely controversial about what I have said’

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