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Full list: the opposition MPs who back May’s deal

22 March 2019

2:46 PM

22 March 2019

2:46 PM

Speaker Bercow may have thrown a grenade in the works with his surprise decision to block a vote on May’s deal, but now the PM has returned from Brussels with an extension, a third meaningful vote looks set to go ahead next week.

Before the vote, Coffee House is keeping track of the Tory MPs May needs to win over to pass her deal. Here, we will monitor the opposition MPs she will need to persuade as well. For every rebel within her own party, May will need a similar number of these opposition votes.

Below are the Labour and independent MPs who have said they will support the deal, and those Number 10 are hoping to win round. Many are in seats which heavily voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, or have indicated that they might back the withdrawal agreement.


The opposition MPs who are backing May’s deal (7):

Ian Austin (independent)

Kevin Barron

John Mann

Caroline Flint

Frank Field (independent)

Lady Hermon (independent)

Stephen Lloyd (independent)

The opposition MPs May wants to win over: 

Ronnie Campbell

Rosie Cooper

Gloria De Piero:
‘Representatives of workers and business talking sense. I cannot understand why the PM won’t budge on a deal that has already been rejected by Parliament twice. It’s beyond irresponsible.’

Jim Fitzpatrick

Roger Godsiff

Stephen Hepburn

Kate Hoey

Kelvin Hopkins (independent)

Diana Johnson

Peter Kyle

Ivan Lewis (independent):
‘It is true the EU are unwilling at this stage to change withdrawal agreement, but all along they have been willing to change political declaration which spells out our ambitions for future relations with EU. There is a parliamentary majority if she was willing to do this.’

Catherine McKinnell:
‘Two of my Labour colleagues – Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson – have come forward with a compromise proposal that would offer passage through Parliament for the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, but only if it is then put to the British people in a confirmatory, binding, final public vote. And this is a proposal I would support.’

Lisa Nandy:
‘The Prime Minister’s statement was disgraceful. Pitting Parliament against the people in the current environment is dangerous and reckless. Yesterday her government attacked their civil servants. Now she’s attacking the MPs whose votes she needs. It will have cost her support’

Melanie Onn

Stephanie Peacock:
‘Tonight I voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Here’s why

Dennis Skinner

Ruth Smeeth

Laura Smith:
‘We knew Theresa May’s Brexit strategy was total chaos, but this really beggars belief.’

Gareth Snell

Graham Stringer

Karl Turner

Phil Wilson

John Woodcock (independent):
‘I voted against the deal tonight because it would make the UK poorer, less safe AND tie us to EU institutions that we would no longer be able to influence’


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