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Watch: Sajid Javid gets into a muddle over Brexit

27 February 2019

11:53 AM

27 February 2019

11:53 AM

Brexit is confusing for the best of us, but Mr S. would hope that the Home Secretary would at least manage to stay abreast of the latest developments of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Unfortunately not. Popping up in front of MPs at the Home Affairs Committee, ‘The Saj’ got in a muddle when asked whether the Government would be backing the Costa amendment on guaranteeing EU citizens rights under no-deal. Here’s what happened:

Sajid Javid: You asked me what was wrong with that (the Costa) amendment?

Stuart McDonald: Yes

SJ: Nothing

SM: So the Government is supporting it then?

SJ: Yes. When was the Government not supporting that?

SM: Yesterday

SJ: From who (did you hear that)?

SM: The Prime Minister

SJ: Did you? Well, OK.

With 30 days to go until Britain leaves the EU, it’s safe to say Mr S didn’t find Javid’s appearance hugely reassuring…

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