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Watch: Maybot’s awkward This Morning interview

3 December 2018

11:55 AM

3 December 2018

11:55 AM

Theresa May has just over a week to go until her Brexit deal is voted on in the Commons, and while all the signs suggest she is facing a thumping defeat, the Maybot is still sticking to the script. In an interview with Phillip Schofield on This Morning, May was asked what will happen if she loses the vote. May did her best to dodge the question:

PS: What happens to you if they vote you down? The next day, what will you be saying?

TM: I’m, I’m, I’m very clear. I have got a duty as PM to deliver

PS: But if you don’t?

TM: I’ve got a duty..

PS: But if you don’t? … My question was: what happens if you don’t (get it through)? Will you resign?

TM: I am focusing on getting that vote through….There is going to be a lot of debate. When it actually comes to it, it is a key moment of decision for MPs.

What happens if May loses the vote? Mr S for one is none the wiser after the Maybot’s performance this morning…

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