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Watch: Leadsom calls out Bercow’s own ‘stupid woman’ remarks

19 December 2018

1:09 PM

19 December 2018

1:09 PM

The House of Commons has descended into farce after PMQs this afternoon, following allegations that Jeremy Corbyn muttered under his breath that Theresa May was a stupid woman.

The Speaker, John Bercow, responding to a point of order made after PMQs, said that as he did not see Corbyn’s utterance take place, he would take no action against him. But, confirmed that ‘individuals that are found to have made unwelcome remarks should apologise.’

In response, Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the Commons then skewered Bercow by asking him why:

‘When an opposition member found that you [Bercow] had called me a ‘stupid woman’ you did not apologise in this chamber?’

Watch here:

Mr S has to wonder, is there anyone left in the chamber who hasn’t called someone a stupid woman?

UPDATE: Conservative MP Vicky Ford has now accused John Bercow of calling her a ‘stupid woman’ as well (which he denies). Watch here:

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