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Listen: Business minister’s Brexit money gaffe

19 December 2018

10:56 AM

19 December 2018

10:56 AM

It’s a busy day for the government, as they finally unveil their immigration white paper and begin the preparations for no deal.

But as the government’s gears grind into gear, it appears that some ministers have been struggling with their own personal preparations for interviews. Energy minister Claire Perry was on 5 Live this morning to discuss the government’s plans, but fell at the first hurdle when she was asked this simple question by Emma Barnett:

‘How much [money for Brexit] has been allocated to your department?’

To which the minister could only reply:

‘Gosh, you know I actually don’t know the amount’

Pressed on whether she thought it slightly worrying that a minister in the Business department didn’t know how much money had been allocated to them for Brexit, Perry mounted an interesting defence:

‘If I’d know I was going to be asked to the question, I would have come to you with the number’

Clearly Perry is a disciple of the Diane Abbott school of political interview responses….

Listen to the interview here:


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