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The BBC blames school attack on… Brexit

8 November 2018

4:00 PM

8 November 2018

4:00 PM

Today, the BBC news channel ran a short piece on the increase of hate crime incidents against disabled children – which have tripled in four years.

As part of the report, the BBC visited a school which catered for disabled children in Newcastle, which had recently been broken into and vandalised by thugs who destroyed toys and sprayed offensive graffiti on the school’s walls.

The whole piece was fairly emotional, and anyone listening to the children describe the incident, couldn’t help but ask, how did this happen and how can we stop it happening again?

Fortunately, the BBC had a ready-made answer already on hand. Instead of following the school footage with someone speaking about hatred towards those with disabilities or rising crime more generally, they instead chose to lead with an interview with criminologist Dr Hannah Mason-Bish. She went on to explain that the attack was actually down to the BBC’s favourite bogeyman… Brexit. She told them:

‘Unfortunately the EU referendum gave some people the opportunity to act out their prejudices in a much more open way.’

Exactly how this incident against a special needs school linked to the EU referendum was left unexplained by the BBC, as though viewers would simply understand that any crime must somehow be linked to the UK’s departure from the European Union.

But Mr S can perhaps fill in the blanks for viewers: from car sales to falling number of Today programme listeners, the BBC will always find a way to somehow blame Brexit.

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