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Momentum’s membership splits with Corbyn over Brexit

6 November 2018

7:22 PM

6 November 2018

7:22 PM

At Labour conference this summer, the party’s leadership were clearly spooked when its previously loyal members demanded the party support a second Brexit referendum. With this in mind, and ever keen to ensure that the rank-and-file are in step with Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing campaign group Momentum recently decided to survey its supporters to see what they really thought about Brexit and Labour’s position.

The group asked over 6500 of its members from across the UK what they thought of Labour’s spurious six tests, the possibility of no deal, and most importantly: if Momentum members wanted a second Brexit vote.

Well today the results came in, but they were clearly not what the Momentum higher-ups were hoping for. According to the survey, over 40 per cent of their membership now supports Labour committing to a People’s Vote ‘in all circumstances’ and only 17 per cent opposed the idea of a second vote completely.

While the Momentum leaders tried to put a positive spin on the result, declaring in true Soviet fashion that in fact the opposite was true and the three other answers combined meant ’57 per cent either prioritise a General Election over a public vote or do not want any public vote,’ its clear their regular members now completely disagree with Jeremy Corbyn’s position.

All of which makes Mr S wonder, how will the Labour leader cope without the usual unfailing devotion from his supporters?

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