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Watch: Alan Sugar’s second referendum confusion

25 October 2018

2:13 PM

25 October 2018

2:13 PM

On his television show the Apprentice, Alan Sugar is known for taking his contestants to task, whether they’re pitching a hopeless product or simply talking absolute rubbish. But the businessman clearly has a bit of a blindspot when it comes to his own incoherence.

In a speech in the House of Lords this afternoon, the peer put forward his views on a People’s Vote and the possibility of a second Brexit referendum:

‘A People’s Vote on the outcome of the negotiations of the UK withdrawal from the EU. Well, personally that sounds like, I don’t like the outcome of the original vote, so I’d like another bite of the cherry to see whether if it can be reversed.

The result in June 2016, albeit by a small margin, was a decision to Leave. It’s my understanding there is no turning back from a referendum. It would be a complete farce if you could have another crack of the whip.’

Fair enough, you might think. But then he continued with this extraordinary turn-around:

‘However, my point is that there is a very good argument to void that vote if it can be concluded that the public were totally misled and it is my belief that a large section of the British public were misled in forming their decision to vote to Leave.’

Well, Mr S has only one thing to say to that pitch: ‘You’re fired!’

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