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Tom Watson’s flirtation with LBC

30 October 2018

12:10 PM

30 October 2018

12:10 PM

How far the mighty have fallen. While he was once known as the decisive fixer, who was able to get things done inside Labour, deputy leader Tom Watson has largely been sidelined by the Corbyn crew. Rumour has it that the MP is now so sick of being the perennial outsider, he is even considering other career options outside of politics. Mr S has heard for example, that he is keen to move into media, specifically radio.

Well, last week was his chance to have a go, as he filled in for Nigel Farage on a 6pm LBC radio slot. Watson clearly enjoyed his spell in the limelight, and made his best efforts to convince LBC to offer him a permanent gig.

But with no phone call from the network execs coming this week, it appears Watson might have been a little desperate when he wrote his personal blog yesterday. Watson described his turn as disc jockey in the following terms:

‘Radio is the most revealing medium and the call-in format allows people from all parts of the country to have their say in a direct one-on-one, in full hearing (and viewing these days) of millions of listeners.

LBC have turned the classic radio phone-in into a modern day technological art form. No wonder the BBC are worried about ratings. After the show is broadcast, the content is quickly cut and diced and shared on social media where the conversation continues, often for days on end. I’d not fully appreciated what a multiplier effect this has on anything you say – or don’t say, or say wrong!

[…] The hour flew by and I was disappointed to hand over the mic to the far more experienced broadcaster, Iain Dale!’

No doubt LBC will be pleased by the praise heaped on their ‘modern day technological art form’ (which has been around since 1924) – but Mr S wonders, if Watson isn’t eventually offered a slot, will he come to regret his doe-eyed courtship of LBC?

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