Why is Sandi Toksvig on 40pc of Stephen Fry’s pay? It should be 10pc

10 September 2018 7:33 PM

Shocking news emerges that Sandi Toksvig is paid 40pc of what Stephen Fry was on to present the lamentable programme QI.

Really? It had never occurred to me that Toksvig was paid anything at all. She is boring, smug and bereft of wit. I assumed she did it out of delight at being beamed into our living rooms, knowing that everyone was quickly turning off the TV. I’m no great fan of Stephen Fry – an idiot’s conception of what intelligence is, frankly. But he presented that programme with chutzpah and humour, both qualities patently absent from Sandi’s make-up. As is make-up, of course.

Sandi also complained that she was on about the same as Alan Davies. But Davies is about the only thing that makes the programme work, with his flailing, drooled, bifferdom. Sandi should in truth be paid twenty per cent of what Davies gets and a tenth of what Fry got.

Just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you’re automatically as good as everybody else. You might be totally shit. But then I suppose the BBC is to blame for trying to expunge men from every sector of its output and replacing them with women who are neither use nor ornament, as we say in the north.