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The return of flip-flop Andy Burnham

5 September 2018

10:07 AM

5 September 2018

10:07 AM

During Andy Burnham’s time in Westminster, the then Labour MP quickly built a reputation for flip-flopping. Never sure which way the wind would blow, Burnham would go from taking one Strong Stance to switching to a completely different Strong Stance when it seemed the mood was turning. These topics ranged from immigration and the NHS to Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair.

Happily, it turns out one can still flip-flop up in Greater Manchester where Burnham is regional mayor.

Last month, in an interview with Politico, Burnham slammed ‘arrogant’ second Brexit vote campaigners:

‘My frustration with those leaping to a second referendum is it further inflames this idea of an arrogant political class, which isn’t listening and isn’t dealing with the issues that gave rise to the referendum in the first place.’

Only now – just as top Labour-backing union GMB announces its backing a second vote – Burnham appears to have had a change of heart. In a speech today, Burnham is expected to say a fresh vote may be necessary if ‘we are left on the cliff-edge of No Deal with no other options’.

It’s good to have him back.

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