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Keir Starmer goes off script in Brexit conference speech

25 September 2018

11:38 AM

25 September 2018

11:38 AM

This year’s Labour conference has been praised for adopting a more professional tone than previous years. However, today that message appears to have been lost. After the party pulled plans at the last minute for a female deputy leader, Keir Starmer appears to have gone off script in his big Brexit conference speech.

The shadow Brexit secretary was met with applause when he appeared to keep the idea of a second EU referendum on the table – announcing:

‘Nobody is ruling out remain as an option.’

Only John McDonnell did just this yesterday when he said any second referendum would be ‘deal or no deal’.

Curiously, Keir’s line isn’t on the speech text briefed out by Labour.

Has Starmer gone off script without approval?

P.S. Dennis Skinner doesn’t look too thrilled.


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