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Washington Post: Theresa May could be one of the greatest prime ministers of our time

21 August 2018

5:28 PM

21 August 2018

5:28 PM

There’s something going on across the pond. Less than twenty-four hours after Mr S informed readers of the New York Times’s struggle with the London foodie scene, Steerpike has come across another incident of an American journo who seems divorced from reality.

The American Enterprise Institute’s Dalibor Rohac has waded into the debate over where Theresa May, by the time she hangs up her heels and looks back on her legacy, will find herself in the pantheon of great British Prime Ministers. In the UK, that debate has been pretty much limited to three from bottom, two from bottom, or bottom. But across the pond, a more optimistic view is being taken. In fact, Rohac goes as far as to say May stands a chance of going down as one of Britain’s best leaders ever:

‘Theresa May is the world’s most underrated leader.’

Catchy, for sure, and the ensuing article does its best to bear the thesis out.

‘She’s betting that the country will at some point tire of Brexit and that a settlement will be reached that most Britons will be able to live with, allowing Britain to move on to other subjects. If she can pull off that feat, she is bound to go down in history as one of the greatest prime ministers of our time and the epitome of the authentic brand of conservatism.’

America finally answering the call for stronger backing on the global stage. If not exactly what we had in mind…

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