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Wanted: an assistant digital editor for The Spectator

3 August 2018

10:38 AM

3 August 2018

10:38 AM

There has never been a better time to join The Spectator. Our sales are at a 190-year high, with growth driven by readers who get to know us through the website. The growth is continuing, and we’re creating some new positions. The first is that of an assistant digital editor whose duties will include:

  • Being across the news agenda, spotting issues that would make for a good Coffee House blog or Steerpike (and liaising with the writers)
  • Editing copy: fact checking, proof reading, ensuring articles are legally sound, picture research and (crucially) sharp headline writing.
  • Using WordPress on a daily basis
  • Writing effective social media lines
  • Basic photoshop, uploading and embedding relevant audio and video clips.
  • Assisting the Spectator team in their coverage of UK politics.

There are just over a dozen of us in The Spectator’s editorial team and all do a bit of everything: edit podcasts, sort graphics, fix coding bugs in a post. This job, especially, will require versatility and the ability to handle journalism in all of its dimensions. We are looking for enthusiasm, hard work and also the ability to help us shape The Spectator, spotting new opportunities. Our podcasts, the Evening Blend email and Coffee House itself were all the ideas of our young journalists (respectively: Sebastian Payne, Isabel Hardman and James Forsyth). There is also an opportunity to write in this role – the right candidate will want to contribute to The Spectator in its many forms.

The aim at Coffee House is simple: to give readers quality of publications ten times our size. This means working at pace: perhaps early mornings and late nights, occasional weekend shifts and dropping everything if a late story breaks. So we’re looking for someone who has…

  • Knowledge of The Spectator and what readers expect from us. You’ll be working for our readers: the best-read, best-humoured bunch of people in the world
  • A keen interest in current affairs that goes beyond 9-5
  • A well-developed sense of the humorous and absurd (and can spot material for a Steerpike)
  • A strong attention to detail and good organisational skills
  • Versatility and enthusiasm – and is a self-starter.

To apply, please send to…

  • A cover letter outlining why you would be right for this job and why you want to work at The Spectator
  • Five web headlines for any Spectator print article and five accompanying tweets
  • A list of relevant experience. (Our no-CV policy means we’re not interested in where you went to school or university – but we would like to know what you have done since. It doesn’t have to be journalistic:  our last recruit, Cindy Yu, was formerly a Lidl store manager)
  • Three ideas of how The Spectator can improve its digital edition
  • Up to three pieces of published work
  • Current salary and, if applicable, your notice period.

The deadline for applications is 24th August, but we’re looking to fill the post soon and will probably start interviewing before the cut-off. So if you’re interested, apply today!

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