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Dominic Raab takes a dig at David Davis

29 August 2018

4:04 PM

29 August 2018

4:04 PM

After a welcome reprieve from parliamentary scrutiny over the summer, DExEU Secretary Dominic Raab was back in the hot seat today as he took questions from the House of Lords EU committee about the state of Brexit negotiations.

While the tone of the questioning was mostly serious, and occasionally antagonistic, Raab couldn’t quite help lightening the mood when talking about his predecessor David Davis.

Discussing the flexibility Britain and the EU had demonstrated in order to reach an agreement, Raab pointed out:

‘We’ve made proposals which clearly involve political compromises and pragmatism. That’s why you’re hearing from me, not my predecessor.’

Mr S isn’t quite sure if Raab thinks that Davis wasn’t pragmatic enough to make a deal, or that getting rid of him was Theresa May’s pragmatic decision.

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