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Alex Salmond’s fundraising efforts

30 August 2018

5:49 PM

30 August 2018

5:49 PM

In a rather dramatic turn of events, former first minister Alex Salmond quit the SNP last night over allegations of sexual harassment. Salmond is launching a judicial review against the SNP controlled Scottish government over the way they have handled complaints against him, and indicated he would quit so as not to split the party.

But never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Salmond also used his resignation to launch a crowdfunding page, asking for £50,000 to cover the costs of his legal challenge against the government. As of writing, the campaign has already raised £65,898 from 2590 supporters.

In the bio he assures donors that:

‘The costs of a Judicial Review in the highest court in the land are huge. Many have asked how they can help directly. Therefore I have established a crowd funder to assist with costs. All sums received will contribute exclusively to progressing the Judicial Review and any money left over will be used to support good causes in Scotland and beyond.’

Mr S is a little surprised though that Salmond has had to go cap in hand to fund the costs of his lawsuit. After all, his various careers as a public servant in Scotland and Westminster have certainly been lucrative. As an MP he earned £70,000 (topped up by £2000 a week for newspaper columns), as first minister, he earned around £140,000 a year, and he will reportedly retire with at least five pensions. Salmond is also rumoured to be earning £250,000 a year to host his weekly political chat show on the Russia Today propaganda outfit.

It seems Salmond is very much of the view that charity begins at home…

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