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Watch: Siri interrupts Gavin Williamson in the Chamber

3 July 2018

2:29 PM

3 July 2018

2:29 PM

It’s safe to say that Gavin Williamson has had a difficult few weeks. After the Mail on Sunday splashed on the Defence Secretary’s supposed threat to bring down Theresa May over a funding row, Williamson has been on the receiving end from his colleagues. So, is Williamson close to handing over the reins to someone else? Mr S only asks after he appeared to leave it to his phone to do the talking today in the Chamber.

Williamson’s Siri staged an intervention while he was at the despatch box:

Siri: I’ve found something of the web for Syrian democratic forces supported by…

JB: What a very rum business that is

GW: I’m not sure I’d call that an intervention. But I do apologise – it’s very rare that you’re heckled by your own mobile phone.

Will Williamson tell his phone to go away and shut up?

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