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Brexit football chant competition: the winners

3 July 2018

4:09 PM

3 July 2018

4:09 PM

Tonight England faces Colombia in a crunch World Cup match that could see Harry Kane’s team put on the path to success – or cruelly eliminated from the tournament. So, to get viewers in the mood, Mr S thought it was time to announce the winners of Steerpike’s Brexit football chant competition.

After sifting through the entries, here are the three top entries – from across the spectrum of Brexit sentiments. Don’t forget to chant them tonight:

  1. Mine eyes have seen the glory of a life that’s Euro-free,
    No more rules and regulations, no more siege mentality.
    We’ve finally blown the whistle on the Brussells referee
    And this is why we sing,
    We’re not in Europe,
    We are England.
    We’re not in Europe,
    We are England.
    We’re not in Europe,
    We are England,
    Brexit means the world to me.

    Entered by Davd McCabe and set to the tune of The Battle Hymn of The Republic, the judges praised the effort and heartfelt sentiment on display.

  2. ‘We’re f—ed and we know we are’

    Entered by @Adubadubadub via twitter, the judges praised this Brexit chant for its simplicity. Depending how Theresa May’s Chequers summit goes, Mr S could see it catching on.
  3. Three Lions on a Shirt
    Jules Rimet still Gleaming
    40 years of hurt
    Guy Verhofstadt we’re Leaving

    Entered by @Legendtrigger via Twitter, the judges praised the way in which the author combined football and Guy Verhofstadt seamlessly.

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