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Watch: Labour Brexit rebel vs Polly Toynbee

14 June 2018

1:23 PM

14 June 2018

1:23 PM

Jeremy Corbyn was given a taste of a Brexit rebellion last night when 90 of his MPs declined his suggestion of abstaining on the single market amendment and rebelled. Perhaps the most interesting aspect, however, was not who backed the amendment but the 15 Labour MPs who rebelled to vote against it.

One such MP – Laura Smith – resigned as Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office to vote against remaining in the EEA. Explaining her reasons, she said she would always put her constituents in Crewe & Nantwich first:

So, it made for interesting viewing today when Smith was pitted against chief Labour Remain-er Polly Toynbee on the issue of honouring the referendum result:

JC: Do you think Polly is part of the problem? People who hold the views that Polly does, for the Labour party?

LS: So, I put, we have another referendum and it comes out slightly remain, say. What do I tell the people who have completely disengaged, disenfranchised from politics and felt held back, left behind with their views completely disregarded. What do I tell them? Or, let’s look at it again, and it comes out Leave again – when do we stop? When do we accept that this has happened?

Mr S couldn’t have said it better himself.

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