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Watch: Red Ken doubles down on Hitler

4 May 2018

11:05 AM

4 May 2018

11:05 AM

Has Labour’s anti-Semitism row cost the party in the local elections? Given their disappointing results in areas with a large number of Jewish voters, such as Barnet, it would seem so. So is Ken Livingstone feeling apologetic for repeatedly talking about Hitler? Not so, if his interview on Sky News just now was anything to go on. Instead of apologising for embarrassing his party, Ken doubled down on his comments, and again droned on about Adolf Hitler’s view of zionism:

‘There is a lot of Jewish people not just in Barnet but all over the place who believe I said Hitler was a zionist. That was the big smear on the day that I was suspended. Hitler wanted to get all the Jews out of Germany; and the zionists wanted to move them all to create a Jewish state in Palestine, and so they collaborated. They didn’t like each other, but they collaborated to do that.’

The former mayor of London then went on to lay the blame elsewhere – on Labour’s former general secretary, Iain McNicol, claiming he had dragged out the row over anti-Semitism:

‘The simple fact is we’ve had a general secretary up until very recently who just allowed this to bubble on. He got so many suspended for nearly two years…’

Mr S has some advice for Ken: stop talking about Hitler.

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