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Watch: IDS’s Sky News Brexit clash

8 May 2018

11:11 AM

8 May 2018

11:11 AM

Cabinet is certain to be tetchy this morning after Boris Johnson called the PM’s preferred customs arrangement ‘crazy’. Things were no different on Sky News just now when Iain Duncan Smith popped up to discuss Brexit. IDS clashed repeatedly with Adam Boulton as the pair discussed borders, Brexit and whether Boris would do a better job than Theresa May. Here’s how it unfolded:

IDS: Let me finish, because you need to understand what the problem is

AB: No, but you’re making an assertion

IDS: No, I’m not

IDS: Adam, sorry, just wait. Let me finish. Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to that question?

AB: Yeah

IDS: Right, let me finish.

IDS: Do me a favour, Alan, err Adam. You ask me a question, let me finish. I use to run a business I used to export all the time around the world, so I think I have done a little bit more of this than you have.

AB: You don’t know whether I run a business or not.

Mr S. is pleased to see the quiet man turning up the volume again…

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