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Richard Madeley: Why I cut off Gavin Williamson

30 May 2018

5:58 PM

30 May 2018

5:58 PM

Gavin Williamson is the unfortunate victim of the Parliamentary recess. With little in the way of political news, the Defence Secretary’s awkward exchange with Richard Madeley over his ‘shut up and go away’ Russia comment has received a lot of attention. Now the Good Morning Britain presenter has decided to prolong Williamson’s turmoil a bit longer by penning a Guardian deep dive on the interview:

Madeley says that he was keen to ask Williamson about his un-statesmanlike Russia comments as he was rather unimpressed by them at the time:

‘I freely admit that I was one of those who thought Gavin Williamson’s “Shut up and go away” instruction to the Kremlin after the Salisbury nerve-agent attack was risible. Defence secretary as petulant pre-adolescent. Not a good image.’

Madeley saw his exchange with Williamson as a power struggle:

‘Fundamentally, it’s a control issue. By contumaciously refusing to answer my questions, Williamson was sending out the subtle but crystal-clear message: “You’re not running this interview, Madeley. I am. I’ll decide what we do and don’t talk about, not you. Trust me, I can stall you until the credits roll.”’

No doubt Williamson will be hoping Richard Madeley would shut up and go away…

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