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Announcing The Spectator’s political mischief internship

4 May 2018

9:33 PM

4 May 2018

9:33 PM

Entries are coming in quickly for this year’s Spectator’s (paid) internship scheme, which this year we’re arranging by category: research, editing, data/tech, social media. Such is the quality of the applications received so far that we’re adding a new category: the political mischief internship. The tests are tough because we’re serious. e’re doing this because we the magazine is expanding and we need recruits, or people to contribute on a freelance basis.

We’re looking for someone who knows their Ben Bradshaws from Ben Bradleys. Someone digitally literate – who can file an FOI, navigate Photoshop and set up a Companies House alert. Someone who has a sense of humour, and a developed sense of the absurd. And we’d like that someone to help in our politics team this summer.

This is also open to those who don’t want an internship but would be interested in freelance work: there is out-of-hours work. For example, if you have a gift for this kind of thing but would just would like to contribute in your spare time then please apply. Those interested should complete three (or more) of the following tasks.

  1. Send three topics for a Freedom of Information request
  2. What connects Kensington, Southampton Itchen and Dudley North?
  3. Send three ideas for a Steerpike story
  4. Find out where John Bercow’s Wikipedia page was last edited from.
  5. Submit an article with the headline ‘Eight people who think they could be Britain’s… xxx’ – choosing a public figure of your choice (this link, for reference: )
  6. What was the best political interview of 2017 – and why?

Please send a short note about why you’d like to work with us. And please don’t send CVs: we don’t care where, or whether, you went to university. All we care about is whether you can do the job.

Entries to with ‘Intern application: mischief’ or whichever one you’re doing. Deadline: 21 May.

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