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Watch: Stop the War protester – ‘Assad is a good man – he’s a doctor for heaven’s sake’

16 April 2018

8:05 PM

16 April 2018

8:05 PM

After Theresa May authorised targeted military strikes in Syria without seeking Parliament’s approval, the Prime Minister has received a mixed response. One group particularly angry about recent events are Stop the War. The anti-war campaign group – of which Jeremy Corbyn is a supporter – gathered this evening to demonstrate against the government response.

Only Mr S isn’t sure the demonstration will win everyone round to their way of thinking. In an interview with Paul Brand for ITV news, one attendee explains why Assad – whose regime is thought to be behind the chemical attack which sparked the recent turn of events – is a good man. After all, he is a doctor:

PB: You believe Assad over Theresa May?

Attendee: I do, yes

PB: You believe a murder over the Prime Minister of Britain?

A: He’s not a murderer, he’s a president of a country for god’s sake.

PB: So he hasn’t murdered anyone then?

A: What do you mean? Personally, no. But Theresa May gave the order to bomb Syria without anyone’s say so

PB: Is President Assad responsible for the deaths in Syria of his own people.

A: No he’s not – the Opposition is and Britain is and France is and America is

PB: Is President Assad a good person?

A: Yes he is. He’s a very good man and he’s a doctor for heaven’s sake.

No word on whether this rule applies for Harold Shipman.

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