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Simon McCoy adds yet another BBC gaffe to his list

12 April 2018

9:50 AM

12 April 2018

9:50 AM

Simon McCoy has a reputation for being the BBC’s most gaffe-prone presenter. On Wednesday, he reminded viewers why. As Jane Hill presented the news, McCoy wandered onto the set and walked into the line of the camera:

Here’s a brief reminder of some of McCoy’s greatest hits:

  1. Simon McCoy ‘no news’ royal baby broadcast

Standing outside St Mary’s hospital in Paddington, McCoy showed no signs of experiencing royal baby-mania:

‘Well plenty more to come from here. Of course, none of it news, because that will come from Buckingham Palace. But that won’t stop us. We’ll see you later.’

2. Simon McCoy takes a nap… on air

We’ve all been there. You’re at work, you’re feeling a bit tired so you take a nap when no one’s looking… oh wait, there’s a camera on you:

3. Simon McCoy: I know what she looks like Sarah

McCoy once again showed his enthusiasm for royal stories. As Meghan Markle made an official visit, the BBC broadcaster couldn’t hide his annoyance when the correspondent tried to describe Markle’s coat:

4. Simon McCoy’s weather forecast

McCoy’s weather observations didn’t land quit as he had intended:

5. Simon McCoy triggers a V-sign

McCoy’s goading of a weather presenter backfired when they flipped a V sign in his direction… only to find the camera on them:

Well, that’s one reason for the licence fee…

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