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Listen: Home Office minister’s police numbers blunder

9 April 2018

3:12 PM

9 April 2018

3:12 PM

As shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott has earned a reputation for getting her numbers in a muddle. Now it seems that there is also an issue on the government side.

Appearing on LBC, Victoria Atkins came up short when asked how many police offices are in the country. The Home Office minister responded by telling Nick Ferrari how many there are in London – before having to admit she didn’t have the figure he was looking for:

NF: But the whole of the country. You’ll be aware of the figure, won’t you Minister?

VA: You’re testing me, Nick. I’m not going to hazard a guess, I’m just going to front up and say I’m so sorry. That number’s slipped my mind.

NF: You are a Home Office Minister, Minister. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the figures?

VA: It would be.

For the record, the number was 123,142.

Not a great look at a time when the Government is attempting to convince voters that cuts to police numbers are not the main cause of recent spike in fatal stabbings.

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